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Weight Loss Quickly


Body weight consists of the total weight of bones, muscles, organs, body fluids and fatty tissue. These components change in several factors, such as growth, reproduction, level of activity, level of physical activity, sport and age. Body fat is divided into two types; it is essential for physiological functions in the body, Protection of internal organs, and the other type of store of energy, where this kind of fatty tissue accumulates under the skin.

The weight of the body is maintained by many of the mechanics of the nervous, hormonal and chemical, which maintains the equivalent of the energy consumed by the human energy with the body to be discharged, and the majority of fat stored by the body of triglycerides that the human intake, evidence of this is the composition of fat tissue Which is a reflection of the composition of the fat consumed in the diet. In addition, carbohydrates and proteins that are consumed in quantities greater than the needs are also stored as fat in the fatty tissue.

Thus, fat accumulates through the imbalance in the equation of energy consumed with the energy spent, where a person is obese and overweight when fat accumulates in the body to a level contrary to health, and Obesity Obesity accumulation of fat; whether this accumulation in all areas of the body or The body mass index (BMI) is calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms per square meter in meters, so that the result is evaluated according to the following table.

BMI ratings

The following table shows BMI:

Category Body mass index (kg / m 2).
Weight loss Less than 18.5
Normal weight 18.5-24.9
Increase in weight 25-29.9
First-class obesity 30-34.9
Second-class obesity 35-39.9
Third-class obesity (excessive obesity) 40 and more

Quick weight loss steps

People who want to lose weight often look for quick ways to lose weight. This is often their demand when visiting dietitians, and this may prompt many to follow diets that promise to lose many kilograms of body weight in short periods of time, Everyone must know is that the weight that accumulated during years is difficult to lose effectively in a few weeks.

Real weight loss requires a real, in-person decision to make a change in the lifestyle that caused obesity and weight gain. It is scientifically known that weight loss should be gradual. Weight loss strategies that adopt gradual steps and moderate weight loss For a time period it is often more successful than quick fixes which lose the body a lot of weight in a short period.

However, there is no doubt that man can accelerate the process of weight loss and the treatment of obesity in cases of determination and insistence, but must be done under the supervision of a nutritionist is qualified to work out strategies suited to individual cases, and must include weight loss strategies, Which aspires to achieve fast weight loss, on all necessary steps, which include diet, exercise and lifestyle modification.


The first principle that is effective in achieving weight loss is the imbalance in the energy equation in the body, and this is when the calories consumed by the person less calories burned by the body, and the easiest way to achieve this is diet, For example, if a person has a diet that contains less calories than his needs at about 500 calories, he gets rid of half a kilogram of body fat within a week, and can decrease more to achieve weight loss Larger.

However, diet should not be very low in calories. The diet should be given the minimum energy, which is the basic metabolic rate in the body, which is the minimum energy needed by the body to maintain its natural physiological functions balanced.

The diets should be designed individually according to the individual case of the person. Avoid frequent fruiting diets. These diets, even if they succeed in achieving weight loss, can lose weight and muscular tissue, which is not The goal is to lose weight, but you should focus on loss of fatty tissue, and you should know that there is no magic diet for weight loss quickly or without a real effort.


Sports contributes to weight loss by achieving the imbalance of the equation of energy from the other side of the equation, the energy that the body discharges, as it raises the total calories that the body burns, and must exercise daily for those looking for a quick weight loss, Weight loss is a sport that you can exercise and commit to, so do not commit yourself to difficult or boring exercise to lose your enthusiasm or ability to exercise easily, no matter how good your exercise is.

However, one of the best types of weight loss sports is aerobics, where daily exercise of any type of aerobic medium is found to be the best in fat burning and weight loss, including aerobics, walking, jogging, stationary cycling, Lanyard and other sports that raise the rate of respiration and pulse.

The doctor should be consulted before starting this exercise. If the person is not accustomed to exercise, has excess weight or has any health problems, the doctor may advise him to gradually exercise instead of starting at this level.

Modified lifestyle

This is a very important part of the weight loss process, as it achieves the desired continuation of weight loss and maintenance rather than restoring the lost weight of follicles that fail to achieve real long-term lifestyle changes, and longer weight loss plans are often longer The behavioral changes in life style depend on the analysis of the person’s erroneous behavior, whether in eating or sports or even in the wrong thinking. After the problems are analyzed in these points and the reasons for their exercise, ways are determined to modify them.

Self-monitoring and recording of everything related to eating, of quality, quantity, location, time, and feelings associated with eating helps to determine the situations in which a person is eating, whether material situations including space, time or emotional and psychological conditions, such as anger , Happiness, tension or other.

Behavior modification needs nutrition education and psychological support, and it is best to consult a nutritionist for a full nutritional assessment of dietary behaviors and habits, and to have an appropriate plan for adjusting and treating them.

Weight Loss Tips

  • Avoid eating high-fat foods and foods, especially saturated fats found in animal fat sources, such as high-fat meat, margarine, butter and cream.
  • Increase your intake of vegetables, as it is low in calories and helps a lot in the sense of satiety and reduce the amounts of food consumed, and focus on eating vegetables between meals and when you start to eat to get satiety to eat less of the main dishes.
  • Avoid eating sweets and replace them by eating fruits, and eating fruits between meals contributes to reducing the feeling of hunger and reduce the possibility of eating unhealthy unhealthy unhealthy snacks between meals.
  • Replace milk and milk products with yoghurt, cheese and whole-fat yogurt with low-fat or low-fat substitutes.
  • Take care to eat slowly and chew well.
  • Drink at least two liters of water per day, increase this amount if it is hot or exercise. Research has also found that eating water between meals helps to feel full, and reduce the amount of food and calorie intake.
  • Rely on whole grains, such as whole wheat bread instead of white bread and whole brown rice instead of white rice, where at least half a person’s grain should be a day of whole grains.