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Drinks to lower the abdomen

Juice option

For weight loss the body needs to consume less calories or burn more calories. The juice of cucumber can be considered as a low-calorie diet because it contains a high percentage of water and fiber, so the body feels full. Mint to make it a refreshing summer drink.

carrot juice

Is a great juice for weight loss because it contains a few calories is full of water and fiber, drinking a large glass of carrot juice helps to feel full, and advised to take the islands in its raw form, because it increases the secretion of yellow matter, which helps in burning fat and weight loss, Half an orange and a little ginger to make a detox drink is great to expel all toxins.

Juice of hope

Amla juice helps to maintain the digestive system, speeding up the metabolism, and it is best to drink it on an empty stomach, by adding a drop of honey as an alternative to sugar, which contributes to the sense of activity and effectiveness during the day.

Green tea

Green tea is excellent for relieving the lower abdomen. It contains a compound called catechin, which promotes metabolism. People who drink two cups of green tea on a daily basis are 16 times more likely to lose fat than those who do not.


Drinking plenty of water during the day helps to accelerate the metabolism, expels toxins from the body, drink a glass of water before meals, the body feels full for a long time, and reduces the craving for sugary drinks.


Unsweetened coffee is one of the most healthy beverages that reduce the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. It burns 3-11% of calories.