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How to lose weight in a week in an easy way

Weight Loss Tips

All people seek the perfect body and lean body and do everything they can to do it by following a variety of diets. To design an ideal and special diet system you should initially set a realistic goal. This goal will cause you to lose weight naturally. This goal is difficult or simple, but what is most important is the pursuit of that goal. Whatever the challenges, this goal may be to wear certain clothes that were on your own, and as a result of excessive weight gain, or the goal may be healthier and better than you were in the previous.

  • The goal should initially be to gradually and at least lose a kilo per week, where the individual can have a lean, harmonious body, and not too long, to avoid frustration and laziness, and a challenge for anyone who wants to lose weight.
  • For example, eating breakfast, such as breakfast, helps the body to reduce fat burning. This leads to burning muscle mass instead of burning excess fat in the body, thus causing a constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue in the body. Reduce the productivity of the individual, in the end the person does not get the weight required, while if the person is to follow a slow diet will be a successful and meaningful for not feeling deprived and suffering also, and gradually reduce weight, while reducing the risk of returning weight again, Always from TNA For certain simple amounts of food.
  • “Many people have a strong incentive to complete a weight-loss process. Their chances of success are much higher than those who do not have a clear goal. For example, starting the diet from the start of this week and then at the end of the week, Weight ratio is measured.
  • The general idea of ​​all healthy diet programs is to burn the body calories more than the total fat entering the body, to produce energy and then lose weight gradually, so that this system does not affect the health of the body.

Quick weight loss methods

  • Avoid soft drinks and all kinds.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits daily.
  • Drink plenty of water, about eight cups a day.
  • Avoid eating foods late at night, as they help store fat in the body quickly.
  • Not to neglect and miss a meal, such as breakfast, because it is very useful for the health and build of the body.

Program in a week

  • Breakfast: Considered constant throughout the period of this diet, which is composed of: two eggs of boiled eggs, and Martadilla as desired, and a grain of choice.
  • First day:
    • Lunch is as follows: vegetable salad dish, but without adding carrots or tomatoes.
    • Dinner: Steak of grilled meat, and a small tin of milk.
  • the second day:
    • Lunch is as follows: a piece of grilled or boiled chicken, and a small milk box with a little flaxseed.
    • Dinner: Two pieces of boiled eggs, plus a plate of salad.
  • the third day:
    • Lunch is as follows: a little skimmed cheese.
    • Dinner: a little minced meat or can be replaced with a piece of chicken.
  • the fourth day:
    • Lunch is two fruits of kiwi.
    • Dinner: Tone tray with oil removed, plus a carton of milk.
  • The fifth day:
    • Lunch will be as follows: boiled vegetables with less salt added.
    • Meal Dinner: Tuna tray with oil, remove all of them, a cup of milk free of fat, salad.
  • the sixth day:
    • Lunch is as follows: boiled meat, a plate of salad plus a little flax seed.
    • Dinner: a shawarma dish without bread, and this dish for once a week without repeating.
  • the seventh day:
    • Lunch will be as follows: grilled chicken, milk cup and vegetable salad.
    • Dinner: Three slices of Mortadella and a cup of milk.