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Dieting methods

There are several methods and tips followed by many when dieting to reduce their weight, and rid their bodies of accumulated fat to become perfect, and we will remind you dear reader in this article some of these tips and methods that you should follow.

Weight Loss Tips

  • Refrain from eating anything in the period between meals, and if you feel hungry resort to eating vegetables and fruits that make you feel satisfied and fill the stomach.
  • Eat celery; it works to burn fat effectively and quickly
  • Set specific times for meals, stick to them daily, and do not leave breakfast; it is one of the most important meals that save you from high proportions of fat.
  • Always make sure you do not go to sleep immediately after eating meals; this makes the fat stored in your body
  • Do not follow the ways that relax your body, which does not make you burn high proportions of energy stored in your body; you have to exercise many physical activities to get rid of accumulated fat.
  • Exercise: It is one of the most effective ways to get rid of excess weight, and have a significant impact in the elimination of fat accumulated in the body
  • Keep away from foods with high sugar content, so as to get rid of body fat
  • Avoid foods containing high calories.
  • Follow the methods of alternatives in the quality of foods; such as skim milk instead of whole milk, and other derivatives, and black bread instead of white bread, and away from soft drinks.
  • Keep away from foods containing carbohydrates such as rice, pasta and others. If you can not completely break it, reduce it as much as possible.
  • Do not resort to canned foods, they contain very high calories, and contain the sodium used for conservation; it makes digestion very difficult, which leads to the storage of fat in the body.
  • Keep away from eating nuts that contain high levels of salt; the process of taking off protects your body from obesity
  • Drink plenty of water during the day, especially before meals; it works to dissolve the fat accumulated in the body.
  • Do not eat chicken and meat that contain high fat content; it increases your weight.
  • Keep away from ready-made foods served in restaurants; they have high fat content that is difficult to get rid of easily
  • Keep away from eating late at night; it hinders proper digestion of food, and causes fat accumulation in the body.
  • The aim is to treat the different types of food before eating meals; it reduces the intake of main meals.
  • Eat vegetables, chicken or grilled or boiled meat instead of fried; they protect your body from excess fat
  • Follow the appropriate diet for your body; it helps you get rid of the accumulated fat, and helps to tighten the areas of flaccid body.

Dieting methods

Fat Blocking

This type of diet depends on the abstinence of fat, such as: oils, butter, and most dairy, and the types of games, nuts, pans, and this diet is low calorie, and contributes to the elimination of fat accumulation in the region of the thighs and buttocks, In eating fatty fish species.

Dates and milk diet

It is one of the easiest methods of dieting; it is able to lose four kilos of weight per week, and depends on the intake of dates and milk only, and during the period of dieting drink plenty of water, and allows drinking other drinks such as coffee and tea provided that they are free of sugar.