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Benefici dell'olio di fegato di balena per l'ingrasso

whale liver oil

It is a yellow-colored oil with the strong smell of fish. This type of oil is extracted from the whale’s liver. The whale liver oil contains large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D. It is worth noting that the whale liver oil is The same oil fish or cod oil, this oil is filled with gelatin packets mixed with a very small amount of flavoring substance not more than one percent only to modify the taste.

Benefits of whale liver oil

Since ancient times, the whale liver oil was used to compensate for the deficiency of vitamin A and D, but it is used in many uses and to treat many diseases, and I will introduce you in this article the most important benefits of this great oil:

  • The whale liver oil contains many substances that prevent the prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as: atherosclerosis, because it reduces the proportion of triglycerides in the blood, and also works to relax the blood vessels in a very useful way.
  • It helps to prevent depression, mental illness and anxiety. It helps to relax and prevents any inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain.
  • Strengthens memory and prevents Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It is an effective stimulant for all members of the human body, especially when exercising.
  • Strengthens the immunity of the body, as it reduces the incidence of flu and flu.
  • The whale liver oil works to resist cancerous tumors.
  • Helps treat colitis and psoriasis also because it contains fatty acids which in turn are based on the prevention of certain chemicals such as cytokines, which are responsible for the occurrence of inflammation and joint and bone pain as well.
  • Helps strengthen the muscles of the body because it contains vitamin D.
  • It treats arthritis, as its fatty acids interfere with the formation of damaged cartilage cells in the joints.
  • Vitamin D, which is abundant, increases and intensifies the deposition of calcium in the bones and teeth. It also increases the absorption of calcium from the intestine, so it is used in the treatment of bowel disease in addition to rickets.
  • Because whale liver oil contains large amounts of vitamin A, it strengthens the sense of sight and strengthens the eye and maintain its integrity. It is also necessary for the safety and intensity of hair. It keeps the skin safe from the various problems that may affect it, and protects the skin in general.

Benefits of whale liver oil for fattening

The whale liver oil is very effective in treating the problem of thinness, but it must be taken into consideration that it is taken along with food; it can not be relied solely on the total fattening; it works to open the appetite impressively, and therefore need to eat more food During the day, it gives a sense of hunger for long periods because it contains a group of vitamins and minerals important in supplying the body with the necessary substances, which is considered to be taken from supplements.

Side effects can cause colon swelling, but in general it can be said to be very safe if taken regularly and in moderation.