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How to use fenugreek for fattening

The ring

The ring (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a type of annual herbaceous plant that follows the legumes. The plant height is between 20 and 60 cm. It contains a hollow stem from the inside. Small branches branch at the end of each branch. Three long, Yellow flowers appear to turn into fruits, which are shaped like horns. The length of one century is about ten centimeters. Inside it are yellow seeds that resemble the kidney in its shape. There are two types of ring: the yellow ring and the red ring, The parts used are n The seeds of the ring are the seeds and the seed seeds. The ring has several names, such as: Verica, Garifa, Qazifa, Drajraj, and Hamayt.

The way of the fattening ring

  • For an extra weight, you have to take plenty of water with the ring, as it works to open the appetite and help eat a lot, that is, the ring is appetizing, and by eating the tea of ​​the ring, boiling the grain of the ring and then let it soak a little, then Drink or add a teaspoon of fenugreek powder to a boiling water cup, then drain and drink after a little boiled.
  • The ring can be used by boiling a little of the ring powder, then drink this tea with ring powder.
  • When eating the circuit, you should avoid eating fried foods or sugars called empty foods, because they reduce appetite, taking into consideration food foods containing proteins such as beans, peanuts, and potatoes, which stores energy in the body.

Benefits of the ring

  • Helps treat stomach ulcers.
  • The crushed ring treats the duodenal ulcers, ulcers by placing a spoon spatula with a spoon of honey, mixed, and eaten twice a day.
  • Colds, coughs, asthma and chest pain are treated by drinking ring tea.
  • The ring stimulates menstruation, especially in girls with puberty, by eating ring powder by a spoon before each meal.
  • Diabetics treat and reduce cholesterol in the blood by eating a tablespoon of powdered ring before meals.
  • Newborn women benefit from the intake of fenugreek oil, which produces milk.

Damage to the ring

  • Do not take the ring by pregnant women during the first period of pregnancy, it may cause abortion.
  • The ring should not be taken by children younger than 2 years old.
  • The ring should be avoided permanently by anemia sufferers.
  • Excessive intake of the ring may damage the body and cause dizziness and stomach upset.