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What is weight stabilization

What is weight stabilization

Weight stabilization is one of the most important stages of weight loss and a slim body. Weight loss is not enough to get that lean body. After every diet you do, you must follow a weight stabilization program and maintain the weight you want. From six months to a year or so. In this case, if the person does not want to return to his body, the burning of the hummus and calorie should be acquired by the body for the length of the stabilization period either by following a diet or diet or by exercising during that period to burn Any additional prices are earned by J M. Otherwise it will return to obesity again.

In order to prove weight, it is necessary to walk fast or slow or jogging for an hour three times a week, or climb the stairs for the length of the installation, and drinking more water, even when a person feels hungry drinking water, it reduces hunger.

Dieting for weight stabilization

Breakfast daily: Eat a cup of skimmed milk, a cornflakes or a toast, a spoonful of butter, a teaspoon of jam, or a boiled egg.

Dinner daily : A large spoon of original Sidr honey and any two types of fruit.

With regard to lunch choose the day you eat what you want in reasonable quantities and the rest of the days are as follows:

First day : You roast fish with garlic and a little dill, you make a salad made of lettuce, mushrooms and red radish and add lemon juice, but without oil and roast potato potato or boiled as desired.

the second day : Prepare slices of meat and climb them with a little spices, onions, a teaspoon of butter or olive oil, a small rice dish, and tomato salad with cucumber with lemon juice.

the third day : Okra with meat broth and tomato sauce with olive oil spoon, eat any kind of fruit, cucumber salad with a little mint added lemon juice.

the fourth day : Boiled or fried eggs with a little oil preferably olive oil, tibouleh, and mushroom salad with yamoun and munez spoon.

The fifth day : Boiled okra without meat, tomato, lemon juice, grape leaves, and cucumber salad with lemon.

the sixth day : Chish chicken tawook, chickpeas, beans, onions, and spinach salad with lemon and thyme.

At the end of the seven days, this system repeats continuously. Health and wellness.