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Exercises to tighten the abdomen

There are many people who suffer from abdominal cramps. Many want to have a tight, non-relaxed belly. This is not impossible. Therefore, the nature of the food also has a great effect on the appearance of the abdominal muscles. And fat.

Exercise also has an effective role in the elimination of fat. There are many useful and easy exercises to get a well-shaped tummy.

Exercise 1: Sleep on the back with the hands behind the head and the position of riding the bike, we bend the knee to the chest towards the opposite shoulder, and refining this exercise with the other foot for 12 times alternately, this exercise would give quick results.

Exercise 2: Stand straight, with a distance between the feet, and then try to sit and stand with the arms extended, with repetition from time to time.

Exercise 3: Lie fully on the floor, straighten the legs, straighten the hands on both sides, then raise one foot and leave one, start lifting with scissors, not allowing the foot to touch the ground, and be careful that the muscles of the abdomen and back are tight.

Exercise 4: It is possible to consider the rise of the stairs exercise, it is possible to climb the stairs a day more than once, this will help to slimming and tensing the abdomen.

Exercise 5: Lie on the floor with your arms straight towards the sides, bend your knees, lift your lower back and repeat this exercise more than 10 times, with your back allowing the lower back to touch the ground.

Exercise 6: Use of the rope, this exercise is very useful and use all the muscles of the body, and effectively burn fat in the body, and increases the fitness and fitness of the body.

This exercise is done by lying on the abdomen and then lifting the body depending on the cranks and the fingertips, and this exercise is not only effective for the abdomen, but also to tighten the chest.

Exercise 8: Exercise, although many women think it is very difficult but it is one of the best exercises and most effective, it is known that the method of this exercise is done by lying on the back with the feet straight, and put the arms behind the head and sit with Keep the feet stretched, this exercise has very impressive results, so try to perform this exercise, even for 10 minutes.

Exercise 9: This exercise can be practiced daily and can be tried in the yard of the house is a jogging, by jogging it is possible to move a large amount of calories, and get the body and belly tight.