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How To Remove Abdominal Fat Quickly

Fat belly

Many people complain of the problem of accumulation of fat in the abdomen due to the neglect of exercise, eating while watching television, as well as the large intake of foods high in fat, increasing the chance of many diseases associated with obesity, such as heart problems, arteries, which pays Many of them are looking for possible weight loss solutions, removing fat, which is what we will teach you in this article.

How to remove belly fat

The recipe for ginger and peppermint

By putting an equal amount of green tea, ginger, mint, dried pomegranate peel in a bowl of boiling water, and mix well, then eat it every morning.

Coffee Recipe

By placing three tablespoons of coffee in half a cup of warm water, then use to rub the areas to be lost for 10 minutes, then take a warm water bath.

Recipe for lemon juice

Soak a quantity of lemon peel in a pint of water, add several points of fresh lemon juice, and then take a cup of it daily on the stomach.

Fennel recipe

2 cups of cinnamon, 2 small cumin seeds in 2 cups of boiling water, and then drain them, then add them to the first mixture, put them in the blender, and then take a cup of cumin. Mix with a little addition of apple juice, or pear to it.

Exercises to remove the abdomen

Foot exercise

By stretching on the ground, raising the two legs at a 90 degree angle, then trying to touch the right ankle with the left hand, return to normal, and repeat steps with the left ankle, and advised to repeat this exercise 30 times a day.

Exercise the mind

By stretching on the ground, fixing the hands on the sides, lifting the body up, lifting the legs up to the level of the chest, to become both chest and feet at a sharp angle, and must be repeated these steps 15 times on 5 cycles.

Foot lift exercise

By stretching on the floor, lifting the two legs to the top, then tightening the knee to get a corner or sharp, return to normal, and repeat the exercise 30 times.

push up

By stretching on the abdomen, then lifting the body by leaning on the hands and feet, and then removed, and lifted, and it is possible to raise the left hand with the right man to increase the difficulty of exercise, and then repeated 15 times.

Tips to remove belly fat

  • Exercising on a daily basis for half an hour, such as yoga, walking.
  • Sleep for sufficient time; to avoid increased secretion of the hormone ghrelin which increases appetite.
  • Eat enough water to improve metabolism and to get rid of body toxins.
  • Eat foods that contain whole grains, and replace brown rice with white.