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What is the fruit diet?

Fruits provide many of our needs especially for their vitamin and mineral rich content. They also contain fibers that help digestion and reduce constipation. There is a diet known as fruit diet or fruit diet, a system that relies heavily on fruits, although not ideal or healthy enough, but it may help in relieving and losing a little weight, but warns of following before consulting a doctor, Pregnant and lactating women, as well as those suffering from chronic diseases and those with low immunity, are prevented from following fruit labels.

The diet is followed for at least two weeks, for the loss of about 6 kg without exercise. Some people say that fruit juices play a role in getting the same better, as well as in relieving joint pain, improving vision, and increasing muscle mass.

General information about dieting

  • Fruits that are used in fruit diet are divided into several categories: sweet fruits, semi-sweet fruits and sour fruits.
  • It is preferable to consume only one category within one meal of the same type.
  • You must wait at least one hour between meals.
  • A limited amount of other foods can be eaten within the diet.
  • A high-protein meal with low fat content is allowed as a dinner.
  • Many foods should be avoided, including sugary foods, refined foods, cereals, candy, coffee, soft drinks, tea, salt and processed foods.
  • Fruit dieters are very low in saturated fats, a type of fat that can increase the risk of heart disease.
  • People can not add to the fruits, and if that happens, they are an important and healthy part that does not contain any fats or salts that may harm the body.

The absence of adequate amounts of protein will increase the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion. It will also increase the chance of diarrhea because of the large quantities of fruits eaten. In addition, fruits are free of calcium and some minerals important for human health.

The fruit diet slows metabolism and helps to feel full. The daily ration of fruits is two to three servings a day.

It is preferable to record all readings of the balance every time the person is weighing, and you must drink enough water, and attention to follow the system of fruits as mentioned above for a period of not more than two weeks, to prevent the occurrence of some complications.