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Modi per aumentare di peso

Benefici dei ceci macinati per l'aumento di peso

Excessive thinness

While many people suffer from obesity, there are in contrast people seeking combinations and different types of sports that increase their weight and get rid of the general weakness and wasting the body to reach the ideal body beautiful and beautiful

Causes of thinness

Let us know our dear readers about the causes that lead to extreme thinness:

  • Hyperthyroidism, which increases metabolism in the body, leading to an increase in fat burning and calories.
  • Diabetes, anemia, parasites that live in the human intestines, and feed on his food.
  • Genetic causes are related to gene imbalance related to body fat.
  • Loss of appetite due to bad eating habits, smoking, and alcoholism.
  • Psychological disorders, nervous breakdowns and depression.
To get rid of thinness you should first treat these reasons and then move to the use of mixtures, which help in weight gain and we will give you the most important recipes, which contain the most important components in gaining weight, namely chickpeas.

Benefits of ground chickpeas for weight gain

  • Aperitif and increases the individual’s tendency to daily digestion.
  • Provides the body with high calories and carbohydrates.
  • Proper reconstruction of cells, bones and muscles, and improve the appearance of the outer skin of the amount of high protein found in it.
  • Reduce cholesterol levels and control sugar level.
  • Its delicious flavor compels us to eat it a lot.
  • Contains natural fiber and calcium to build a healthy body, resistant to cancers, osteoporosis and heart disease.
  • Helps to grow beneficial bacteria in the intestines and relieve the symptoms of colitis.
  • Contains essential vitamins for body as group B and A.
  • Contains important acids, such as folic acid, which is the first support for the production of DNA and RNA.

Method of ground chickpeas for weight gain


  • Half a cup of the circuit.
  • Crushed chickpeas.
  • Half of lentil lentils.
  • A handful of crushed mullet, (taking careful care of poisonous species thereof).
  • A handful of crushed chicken.
  • Go down the nucleus.
  • Three tablespoons olive oil.
  • Honey for fungus.

How to prepare

  • Taste the ring until we get rid of its smell in the body, then grind to become a powder.
  • Dates are kneaded together well to make them stick together like dough.
  • Add ingredients to each other and mix well.
  • Three medium-sized pieces are eaten daily, first on the morning.
You should continue to eat this mixture until you get the weight required, and it is worth mentioning that this mixture works to get rid of worms intestinal and out of the body through diarrhea, and when you reach the ideal weight required, please stop and follow them.