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Che peso ideale

Ideal weight is what all people want in one way or another. Even people who do not know the details of weight and how it affects their lifestyle can determine the extent to which their body wants to gain weight or reduce it. Therefore, you should be careful about excessive weight gain, which can lead to many large health problems that take a long time to treat, and between the loss of weight maintenance and access to a degree of thinness begins with human suffering to reach another form of health And ability to work and production without signs of weakness and wasting.

The ideal weight for adults can be defined as the most appropriate weight for a person based on body size and length. It should be noted that this weight should not be constant for all people who share the same length, as other factors such as age and injuries to some chronic diseases can modify the result from one person to another, and can calculate the ideal weight in several simple ways, A person poses a figure of one hundredth of its length to a person who is more than one hundred and fifty centimeters long. One hundred and seventy centimeters, for example, should weigh seventy kilograms or less by five kilograms. And 5 kg less here to allow the body to be closer to thinness, not to obesity, where it has been proven that the health body is the closest to the thinest and least susceptible to many diseases of cancer.

There are several ways that each person can reach the ideal weight whether he is overweight or underweight, bearing in mind that a slight difference from the ideal or normal weight may increase or decrease by 5 kg does not require adherence to a special diet, Healthy food and exercise four times a week on average, so as not to overload the body with a special diet and then stop the person when the desired weight, and then return the previous pattern, which may lead to injury to internal organs of the body damage due to rapid change in dietary habits .
And one of the most important things that maintain the stability of body weight commitment to drink sufficient amounts of water a day to help burn excess fat.