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Come aumentare di peso in Ramadan

The month of Ramadaan is one of the most important months for fasting people to change their body and not to eat during breakfast or lunch. The body is accustomed to a certain pattern during the 11 months before Ramadan on a diet. It is normal for a fasting person to feel such a change, such as thirst and hunger, to a great extent until this intense desire for food diminishes day after day. Weight is one of the most important health things that should be monitored continuously if the body has lost weight. There are problems, first and foremost, malnutrition If there is increased weight overeating eat food.

Many people who fall victim to the bad idea of ​​fasting, such as not to exercise or to watch for long hours to sleep in the day and so on, known routines and listed among people, but these habits negatively affect the body style and harms significantly and noticeable, and there are tips to be followed by fasting Maintains its weight:

How to gain weight in Ramadan

  • Exercise: In the month of Ramadan, the practice is not the same as it was before Ramadan, but it is in the right form, which is before breakfast in two hours because the time has been the body has made its energy has come breakfast time, allowing the opportunity to maintain the body, On body weight and give the opportunity to replenish fiber in muscles such as weight lifting that increases muscle density and like jogging that gives the body agility.
  • The increase in the eating of foods containing calories: The human body in the month of Ramadan lose calories significantly and must be compensated these calories so as not to be affected by the body and be more frequent eating bananas, rice, nuts and others, in which the calories needed by humans.
  • Weight lifting: It is the only sport that increases the muscle density and makes the muscle more able to absorb protein, allowing the muscle to grow, the person must exercise for two hours before breakfast and be day after day while maintaining fitness exercises, depending on the nature of the body Being overweight or deficient is an opportunity for everyone to restore health to the body.
  • Drink large amounts of milk: Milk contains the full elements needed by the body and specifically for those who exercise weight lifting and must drink fasting for a hundred liters a day.
  • Drink water: The fasting person should drink large quantities of water that help keep the organs in the body to perform its function in full, and also drink more fluids than foods because the stomach can not tolerate the excess food and drink liquids more absorbent and quick digestion.