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How to gain weight by using beer yeast?


It is a useful living organism useful to the body. This yeast feeds naturally as it does in other living organisms, but the sold is dried and its activity is stopped. Once placed in a suitable environment, the dough begins to multiply.

Yeast is a low-calorie food, a protein rich in essential amino acids, and yeast is one of the yeast types. It is more nutritious than regular yeast used in baking. On the purity of the skin and rid of acne, and helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and useful to strengthen hair and prevent falling, and treatment of severe constipation, and also have a role in the weight (fattening), and make the body energetic and full of energy, Liras beer has a great role in weight gain.

Yeast for weight gain

There are three reasons why beer yeast can increase weight, including:

  • Brewer’s yeast contains protein, minerals, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and twelve vitamins. Its main vitamins are vitamin B1, which helps to grow and increase the body’s muscles, help digestion, and thus gain weight. Yeast has been used Beer by athletes in order to get bodybuilding.
  • Brewer Yeast contains an extract that prevents the breakdown of fat in fat cells. Fat cells remain accumulated, which undoubtedly leads to weight gain.
  • Appetite: Yeast of beer yeast works to open the appetite, eating larger amounts of food leading to weight gain.

Yeast beer can be sold in the form of cereals, and little is available in the form of powder, and it is always recommended to buy beer yeast pills from reliable sources such as pharmacies; because there are types do not provide a link to beer yeast, but the same name, which has harmful consequences in the body, Eat two bitters of beer after each meal on a daily basis to get the desired results, or grind the beer yeast pills and add them to the juice and drink. Research has reported that their use does not cause any side effects; few people who eat them have gastrointestinal disorders such as increased gas, .

Cases to avoid eating yeast

  • (Because it works to increase uric acid causing gout).
  • People who are allergic to penicillin and mold.