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I benefici del lievito di birra per l'aumento di peso

Brewer’s yeast

Beer yeast is a kind of yeast, a powder that has a nut flavor and a slightly bitter taste, especially after it has been digested. Unlike yeast, yeast is a beer that is used in the brewery. Most people who use beer yeast are athletes and bodybuilders, in order to obtain minerals, vitamins and chromium.

Brewer’s yeast has no calories in large quantities. Each teaspoon of beer yeast has about 60 calories, but it can contribute to weight gain. Yeast contains many vitamins, especially vitamins B, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, protein and potassium.

Beer yeast is recommended as a dietary supplement for diabetics to prevent blood sugar fluctuations, as it increases the body’s energy level, as well as its ability to positively affect cholesterol in the blood. There are many ways to help slim people get the right weight for them, and these methods are the use of beer yeast to increase weight and have great benefits in this area and others.

The benefits of beer yeast for weight gain

  • Beer yeast contains amino acids, protein and minerals that help in gaining weight.
  • To gain weight, it is necessary to eat two tablespoons daily of yeast, by mixing them with any kind of juice or with roasted nuts, which works to gain energy and protein, and can be eaten by:
    • Yeast can be added to some sauces or added to the broth and drunk.
    • Take a tablespoon of yeast and put it in a cup and add a little sugar and then add warm water; because it needs a warm environment to activate it being bacteria, move and leave for two minutes and then drink after eating three times a day.
  • Brewer’s yeast can be brought from the Attarin or pharmacies and a pill is taken immediately after each meal.

General benefits of beer yeast

  • Skin care is used to remove acne.
  • Adjusts mood, helps sleep, treats headaches and works to calm nerves.
  • Used in the treatment of damaged and damaged hair and gain strength and luster, in addition to it maintains the freshness of the face and skin and purified of impurities.
  • Contains iron and zinc, which is recommended for patients with anemia.
  • It is recommended to take water with brewer’s yeast because the water works on the speed of taking advantage of it and extending the body energy and activity.