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Modi per aumentare di peso

Metodo di aumento di peso per le donne

Some women suffer from thinness, and are weighed less than normal weight according to their age and height, and thin women often suffer from many diseases such as: anemia, low fertility, weak immunity, in addition to dissatisfaction with appearance, and lack of self-confidence, you should try to Pray to the ideal body to show your beauty in front of others, and increase confidence in yourself; because beauty is important in your life, and we will through a topic to identify healthy ways to increase weight and maintain it.

Ideal body weight

To increase your weight you first have to know the ideal weight for your body by:

  • You should know your body length, for example: 170 cm.
  • Tithe 100 of the length (170-100) = 70 kg.
  • Calculate the ideal weight for your body, and if you are less than your current weight you are weak.

Weight gain method for ladies

  • Calorie Increases: The first and most important rule of weight gain is to increase daily caloric intake from the daily average; the average woman burns 1900 calories, but you must calculate calories according to the activities you do during the day.
  • Eat large meals: There are three main meals, they play a large role in gaining weight, eat three meals and large, and contain high calories, and can increase the number of meals to five to gain weight faster.
  • Make food time a fun time: The skinny woman suffers from loss of appetite and desire to eat. You should avoid worrying and annoying subjects; they reduce the desire for food, and try to do things you love when eating as a favorite program.
  • Many beverages also play a role in weight gain. These beverages (fruit juices, yogurt, and sesame), as well as drinking large amounts of water between 6-8 cups daily to maintain body hydration and energy conservation.
  • The practice of bodybuilding: There is a rumor about the sport that it is reserved for men only, and this is not true, the weight of light weights and medium plays a large role in weight and muscle mass, especially in slender women, this sport has many benefits, including (lift the body, During muscle amplification and not fat gain, and give an attractive appearance to women), but these exercises must be exercised under the supervision of a trained sports instructor.
  • Good sleep: Normal women should sleep between (7-9) hours a day; it helps the slender woman’s body to benefit from food.