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Modi per aumentare di peso

Ricette per ingrassare rapidamente

People are obese

Some individuals, especially those who suffer from thinness, want to gain weight, as do a large section of those with weight-bearing activities. There are food systems and recipes in which a male or female can achieve his desire to gain weight, but there is damage to obesity in general, The article mentioned some tips, for those who want obesity and overweight.

Recipes to gain weight quickly

  • Ring: Drink the boiling of the ring consisting of a cup of water and add three grams of powder ring, sweet honey after the liquidation of the well, and must be continued to drink at the rate of three times a day, and can eat the green ring also, and there is another way, namely fat place to be named in equal parts Of the ring and castor oil.
  • coriander: One teaspoon of coriander seed powder after each meal, or eat it in the same amount with the salad, for a whole month. Coriander has an important role in increasing the number of red blood cells in the body and thus improving hemoglobin.
  • Onion: Eat a medium-sized onion with food and dinner and daily, then eat parsley veins afterwards to remove bad breath caused by raw eating.
  • Raisins, sesame, honey, bananas: , Eating a hundred and fifty grams of raisins daily, eating two tablespoons of sesame, eating honey three times a day, eating three times a day, eating these foods every day contribute to the speed of weight gain.
  • Dear love: Drink a mixture of milk added to the powder dear love, and some almonds, pistachio, and banana, at a rate of four times a day and for a month.
  • Almonds, walnuts, honey, dates: Knead and then work in the form of small balls, and then eat three grains of it and on a daily basis.
  • Tahini and yoghurt: Take two tablespoons of yogurt and yoghurt mixture on the saliva.
  • Figs, Raisins and Hummus: To eat more and more daily.


The origin of overweight foods is the use of people who suffer from excessive thinness to improve their physical strength and reach the appropriate and acceptable form. It should be noted that there are medical warnings of excess weight and obesity, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and some cancers , And in this context to resort to the equation suit the weight with height and age, bringing the human to the body strength is agile and active, and free of diseases.


  • Diversification of the diet to include all types of food, including energy, construction and prevention food.
  • Maintain an acceptable physical fitness or physical activity, to avoid the negative effects of obesity.
  • Regular weight control, to follow the weight you rest assured.