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Come perdere peso senza dieta

Natural ways to lose weight


Lemon is one of the best home remedies that helps fight obesity. It improves digestion. Healthy digestion is a prerequisite for weight loss. It helps the body get the nutrients needed to burn fat, detoxify the body, slow down the metabolism Food, lemon juice is used by mixing three teaspoons of lemon juice, with half a teaspoon of black pepper or a quarter teaspoon in the case of fresh black pepper, a teaspoon of honey, in one cup of water, drink the mixture in the morning on Daily empty stomach for For months, at least Ath, or put a teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of warm water and drink.

Apple cider vinegar

Some preliminary research has shown that apple cider vinegar helps protect against obesity. It helps to dissolve fat, thus preventing its accumulation in the body. It is used to mix two teaspoons of natural apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it daily in the morning. You can also drink a mixture of a teaspoon of: fresh apple vinegar, lemon juice, with a glass of water, can consume about two tablespoons of apple vinegar during the day, and be careful not to exceed this amount; because it may work to reduce the levels of potassium In the blood, thus reducing the mineral density in the Zam over time.

Exercise cardio exercises

The American College of Sports Medicine announced that it can raise body metabolism for up to 24 hours after exercise by adding short periods of intense effort to exercises such as swimming, running and cycling exercises. Metabolism at a higher rate than regular exercise, and it takes some hours to start slowing down again, which helps keep calories burning for longer. For example, if a person is used to a 30 minute workout, Slow For 30 seconds every five minutes, when a person is more agile, the period of intermittent periods of intense effort can be increased to a full minute, to get a greater lift of the metabolism, knowing that intermittent periods increase breathing speed and difficulty.

Daily habits of weight loss

Drinking water

There is some evidence that water helps to lose weight. Drinking about half a liter of water increases calories by 24-30% for an hour and can be consumed before meals to lower calories, especially for older people In middle age, water can replace other beverages that contain a lot of sugar and calories.

Reduce sugar intake

People eat about fifteen teaspoons of added sugar per day, where this amount is found in various processed foods. Therefore, the consumption of added sugar should be reduced to improve diet. Sugar intake is associated with some of the most common diseases in the world, Type II, cancer, heart disease.