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How to be slim without workout?

Quick slimming methods

The weight issue is one of the most pressing concerns for many, especially women, where everyone is constantly looking for the quickest way to diet and diet, which helps to return to ideal weight, or maintain fitness, as most health and food officials are working hard to develop faster and easier Types of diet.


The diet is popular and popular, especially for Europeans. European women use yogurt in their diets to lose weight effectively. They can lose a lot of calories without starving themselves. This helps to eliminate the fat accumulated in the abdomen in particular. Contains lactase enzyme digestion, it also gives a sense of satiety more than a grain of fruit, and contains beneficial bacteria, which in turn destroys the harmful bacteria found in the body.

Regulation 5/2

Diet 5/2 is currently one of the most common methods of dieting on the Internet. The diet is based on the principle of intermittent fasting, where it is possible to eat normally in five days a week and on the other two days.

Water diet

Sometimes called the cold water diet, is one of the most important methods of slimming, which has been tested by many overweight to dissolve excess fat and get fitness, which is one of the easiest types of diet because it does not require exercise or even stop eating, you can lose weight You are still eating.

Ramy Ramadan

The daily routine of eating varies with the month of Ramadan. With this change, you can change the food system and change the dieting system. Ramadan is one month a year, and Rajim Ramadan may be absent from the hearing of many people who follow various kinds of dieting throughout the year.

Slimming tablets

These pills are prescribed for those who do not want to or can not do exercise or even diet. There is also a wonderful solution, very comfortable and fast, which is the use of slimming pills, which are safe, tested, guaranteed and have no side effects and high evaluation, such as those sold on

Refrain from sugars and starches

The most important part of this step is to keep away from the sugars and starches of your diet, because these foods are the ones that stimulate the secretion of insulin in abundance and insulin is the hormone responsible for storing fat in the body, when the secretion of insulin, fat will start to exit the stores of fat, Instead of carbohydrates, and the kidneys will remove excess sodium and water from the body, reduce unnecessary water and reduce weight, in this way you will lose five kilograms and perhaps more in the first week of the use of this method, and you will lose fat and water of your weight as well.