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How to cure obesity

We always read about obesity in a lot of subjects and articles that are infected by the number can not be ignored in this world, it is known that obesity is a disease, so ask a lot about how to treat obesity? It is a valid question, but before going into therapy let us show the meaning of obesity.

What is obesity?

Obesity is one of the most common diseases in western countries, especially the American society, which is the most difficult in terms of treatment and disposal, there has been only a slight development in the treatment of obesity, and the treatment of obesity is very important, because of the health consequences that result.

Causes and causes of obesity

It is not so long ago, obesity was related to the way of life of that lazy person, who deals with high calorie permanently, but now the causes of obesity are important, but the genetic factor is evident in the incidence of obesity, and this scenes from the reality of life, and this confirmed by science and research, Where the incidence of obesity among people for genetic causes between 40% – 70%, not for factors or environmental factors, and that one of the most important genetic factors in the incidence of obesity, is the hormone Leptin (Leptin), and confirmed studies that there are genes in the human body Is responsible for the occurrence of obesity, and these genes are linked to human appetites Today, modern science believes that obesity occurs because of several genes, not because of a disorder in one gene. Science also tells us that the increase in obesity in previous years is due to the environmental impact on humans, such as lifestyle and dietary habits.

The consequences of obesity

People suffering from obesity suffer from many diseases, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, increased blood lipids, serious coronary artery disease, joint and bone pain, and psychiatric disorders. Who suffer from obesity, most of them suffer from metabolic syndrome, which is accompanied by the following symptoms: abdominal hyperplasia, high blood pressure, increase the proportion of fats in the blood, and lower the level of good cholesterol, and promote fasting blood sugar, and also a link between obesity and cancer Stomach, breast, and cause of fingerprints, and most diseases Gastrointestinal tract, and some skin diseases. Obese people suffer from pulmonary diseases, various endocrine disorders, such as dyspnea, sleep apnea, hormonal secretion, and women who suffer from obesity are more likely to have many consequences during pregnancy and childbirth .

Diagnosis of obesity

It is difficult to measure the amount of fat in the body firmly, it is harder than people think, but there are some methods of examination that reveal excess fat, such as: body mass index (BMI), which reveals in a fairly good way the amount of fat cells, Body mass index device in kilograms per square meter in length.

Body mass index (BMI)

The body mass index (BMI) has specific connotations for each value read:

  • 18.5 to 24.9, this indicates that a person’s weight is normal.
  • 25-29.9, indicates that the person is overweight.
  • 30-34.9, indicates the presence of obesity of the first degree.
  • 35-39.9 means a person suffering from second-class obesity.
  • If the indicator reads more than 40, the person has very high obesity.

Obese fat – fat around the abdominal area – and obesity above the waist are more important and more important than lower fat – fat accumulates around the buttocks and thighs. People with upper obesity are more likely than others to have diabetes. , Spread among them diseases stroke, heart arteries, and the spread of early death among them.

Treatment of obesity

Follow certain dietary diets, which work to lose weight and reduce the proportion of fatty tissues in the body, where research indicates that there are 20% are able to lose 6 kg of weight.

Food learning for the treatment of obesity

  • Eat unprocessed foods, which benefit the body’s cells and do not accumulate.
  • Do not eat high calorie foods, such as sugars, soft drinks, and fast food.
  • Eat foods rich in the heart, such as: omega-3 foods, flaxseed, and eat some nuts, such as: walnuts, almonds, honey a few.
  • Educating people with obesity is of great importance. A person can plan the menu he will eat today, for education and education are very important for the treatment of obesity. Education is an important first step in the way to lose weight properly.
  • It is important to know that exercise is important for obese patients. These exercises lose a small amount of weight and long-term obesity, because exercise keeps weight down over time, which is very important for obese patients. They have to take it.

Drug therapy for obese patients

There are many drugs that treat obesity, which is described by the doctor concerned for the patient, which works on weight loss, where the drugs are taken as part of a complete program to get rid of obesity, and not taken as a single remedy for obesity, and the most effective drugs: 5 kg dilution within 6-12 months, as well as orlistat, which leads to loss of 4 kg within 6-12 months. We do not conceal that these medications, like other drugs, have side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, Diarrhea, and mild gastrointestinal disorder.

Surgical treatment

Especially those who suffer from obesity, can enter the surgical procedures for weight loss, such as surgeries in the stomach area, and the results of these operations are good, but include side effects are not simple, such as: peritoneal infection, bile duct injury, serious food strikes, , Drersat says that about 40% of patients, will suffer the consequences of these surgeries.

Attention should be paid to the patient’s mental state. When applying a complete program to get rid of obesity, you should be convinced that the elimination of the disease will not happen overnight, the disease needs the same long, apply the program determined by your doctor, insist on its application and maintain it, even The first and last thing for the patient to get rid of obesity is about three important things: contentment, persistence and patience, and finally everyone knows that this disease is spreading and growing in the world, involves the way of life experienced by the infected person and the average age, This article, the basic principle that The treatment of obesity is to follow a specific healthy lifestyle, which includes continuous exercise and careful medication, to follow a diet to maintain a certain diet throughout the program, and for medicines and surgical operations, may resort to in critical cases, But it is best for every obese patient to avoid these medications and surgical treatments as much as possible because they pose a risk to his health.