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What are the ways of slimming?

Some people dream of reaching ideal fitness and weight, and many resort to some kind of diet, while others resort to sports and walking. However different methods and methods of slimming, but must follow certain rules to reach the ideal weight, and make these rules part of our daily routine.

The first step is to reduce the number of meals, eat three separate meals, and reduce the amount of food or portion that will be gradually eaten. As time passes, we will notice the noticeable change in weight loss.

The breakfast is one of the most important meals at all. It provides the body with the energy necessary for a full day’s activity. It is also necessary to diversify in the quality of breakfast, such as boiled eggs, natural juice and a piece of toast. Contains wheat bran or low-fat cheeses and no harm from eating a cup of coffee or a cup of tea preferably without sugar or using one teaspoon of sugar.

– One of the most important things that help to dwindle is not to eat anything between meals such as snacks, biscuits or chip chips or a plate of chocolate All these things cause obesity and weight gain in the first place, although it is necessary to eat something between meals and take a bead of apples be appropriate or Slices of cucumber or celery or eat certain types of dried fruits and not to exceed the quantity of three grains, or eat a handful of roasted and unsalted nuts, such as almonds, walnuts and others.
– Drink water is important to help burn fat belly and waist circumference, and works water to soften the stomach and non-constipation and it helps to clean the kidneys and get rid of deposits and excess salts and helps digest food, drink the equivalent of two liters of water a day and preferably At room temperature and for those who want to increase the speed of fat burning it drink a little warm water.

– Eat dinner healthy and away from carbohydrates and fats and the multiplication of fruits and vegetables or eating low-fat milk, it is better to start the person to dispense with the dinner meal by reducing and then dispense with, although it is necessary for anyone to eat a kind of fruit or drink a cup of mint .

– Follow a health system in the nature of food that is taken away from starches, fats and pans, and the multiplication of vegetables and various kinds of authorities and reduce the amounts of rice and pasta and bread while eating.

– Eating very quietly and not rushing to eat the meal, this gives the feeling of fullness, and chew food well to avoid gas, bloating the abdomen and the occurrence of constipation, which is the first enemy of agility, and reduce the amount of food in the dish gradually.

– Drink sedative herbs that work to rest the digestive system and prevent the formation of gases such as mint, mermaids or chrysanthemums. All these herbs work to rest the body and some of them help to generate urine and rid the body of the fluids contained in it.

We should take care to take the salt from its natural components such as vegetables and to take care of sugar and reduce it as much as possible. We should also reduce the intake of canned foods to contain high amounts of sodium, and keep away from the meat and Almstdp and Bastrama The sausages contain a high proportion of fat and salts that increase weight and increase the retention of body fluids.

– Exercising once or twice a week and not required to enroll in a club, sports practice walking for half an hour is a good thing as there are many sports devices that a person can hold and put in a certain place of the home and exercise in leisure, Do not sit for long periods and move constantly whether at work or home.

All these things come back to anyone will notice a difference in weight and will reach the ideal weight and fitness, and with the continuation and habit, these rules will become part of our daily routine and can never be dispensed with.