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How to reduce buttocks

What are buttocks

The buttocks are the back of the person. These buttocks are made up of a group of bony muscles of the pelvis. These buttocks cover a layer of lipid tissue. These buttocks have a great and fundamental benefit. They protect the person from the weight of the body while sitting.

Problems with the buttocks

The problem of the rear is one of the biggest problems facing women in particular, so that each woman wants to reach the ideal body and control the backside, which increased the proportion of fat, and there are reasons led to the accumulation of these fats in the buttocks:

  • Long sitting without movement or walking, this is a problem because it increases the proportion of fat in the buttocks.
  • Wrong standing position.
  • Eat large amounts of sugars and fats.
  • Sufferers of large buttocks in women specifically increase the proportion of estrogen.

How to reduce the buttocks

  • Diet :

The diet is essential to human health, whatever its condition. To reduce the buttocks, fruits should be eaten, including berries, grapefruit, and oranges, and also large amounts of vegetables, including spinach, artichoke and green beans. These vegetables contain fibers that help to reduce buttocks.

  • Follow the exercises to reduce the buttocks:

After the person adheres to the diet, the sport is complementary to complete the task of reducing the buttocks, there are many exercises that work on the reduction of buttocks and these exercises:

  1. Pressure on the buttocks, when the pressure on the area of ​​the buttocks on a daily basis during the vacuum works to reduce the area of ​​the buttocks.
  2. Stand upright and extend your hands forward in parallel and then descend and read and repeat until the person feels tired.
  3. Put your hands and knees on the floor, lift one hand and the opposite of the hand. This exercise has a big role in weight loss and also reducing back pain.
  4. Using dumbbells that help tighten the muscles of the buttocks.
  • Reduce calories:

This comes not to eat the human fat that affects the human body greatly after the diet to reduce the buttocks are fruits and vegetables, and to reduce the proportion of calories should:

  1. Stay away from soft drinks and never drink them.
  2. Keep away from fried foods.
  3. Stay away from sugars significantly.
  4. When you feel hungry between the main meals you should eat foods that contain fibers such as cucumber and lettuce.