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How to use ginger oil for slimming?


The problem of overweight and obesity is more prevalent in the current time than in the past. Obesity is known to be excessive accumulation of fat in the body. Excess weight and obesity are usually diagnosed using BMI. Weight gain is diagnosed when BMI is between 25 kg / While obesity is diagnosed when the body mass index is 30 kg / m2 or more. Obesity is classified as three degrees, the first when the body mass index is between 30 kg / m 2 to 34.9 kg / m 2, Between 35 kg / m² to 39.9 kg / m 2, while a person is considered to be obese Of the third, or what is known as obese nurse or obese, when the body mass index of 40 kg / m² or more.

Weight gain increases the risk of many chronic diseases, the most important of which is type 2 diabetes, which usually affects adolescents and adults who are overweight or obese, which threatens a healthy future, especially for younger patients. The complications of uncontrolled diabetes include loss Vision, heart disease, renal failure, amputation within about 20 years later, also include diseases that raise obesity, overweight and risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer and others.

The treatment of obesity in diet, exercise and lifestyle changes includes behavioral therapy, but the treatment of obesity does not succeed in a large proportion of people, so researchers were interested in finding alternative solutions or support for the treatment of obesity and weight gain, was studied the role of many herbs in their treatment, Ginger includes one of these herbs that is used and studied for the treatment of obesity.

Ginger is one of the most important herbs and most widely used in the world, it is used in food as a kind of spices, and is used for therapeutic purposes, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, vomiting, cancer, high blood sugar and fat, in addition to many other health benefits, Several studies have also found a role in fighting obesity.

Ginger is made from essential essential oil and other non-volatile compounds, including gingrol and chagol, which are the most active substances in ginger. Although most of the scientific research that studied the role of ginger in weight loss has been studied as a whole, Ginger specifically in weight loss.

Benefits of ginger oil for slimming

Forms ginger oil 2.5% – 3% of the composition of ginger, is produced by steam distillation, and has several benefits, as it has the ability to alleviate the symptoms of colitis in experimental animals, and prevent the formation of stomach ulcers, and protect the liver from the fatty liver disease, which stimulates ethanol.

Ginger oil is composed of citral, α-zingiberene, camphene, α-farnesene, and β-sesquiphellandrene. Scientific studies have shown that streal is the main component and has been found to have resistance properties Of high-calorie obesity in experimental animals by stimulating increased calorie burning in the body, reduced fat accumulation, and found that the weight loss in animals given the steral was proportionately proportional to the doses used, and was found to reduce the level of sugar in the blood .

In a study of the effect of ginger oil on fatty liver disease, which stimulates the high-fat diet in rats, it was found that both ginger and steral oil reduce the body weight in proportion to the doses used, and we can conclude from the previous studies the opportunity and possibility of ginger oil to be a cure Supportive of obesity in the future.

How to Use Ginger Oil for Slimming

Ginger oil is not considered to be FDA approved and therefore has no specific dosage. When using ginger oil, the instructions on the product must be fully complied with and the pharmacist should be consulted about the type of ginger oil product used, Containing any impurities or additives that may be harmful, and consult your doctor before you start to tell him about any medications that you are taking. It is necessary to consult your doctor before taking ginger oil in cases of diabetes, bleeding disorders, Or any heart problems. Ginger oil can contain acid (Aristolochic acid), which can cause serious problems in the kidneys or urinary system. Symptoms of this condition include a sudden difference in the amount of urine or blood in the urine. The pharmacist should be asked about The product content of this acid.

Ginger oil may interact with aspirin and other medications, so you should consult your doctor before you start eating it. Some ginger products may contain sugar, so you should be careful about people with diabetes and some of your products may contain alcohol.