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The easiest way to lose weight

Obesity and its health risks

Obesity is defined as the accumulation of body fat to the extent that the weight of the body is higher than a specific measure or index so that the weight is incompatible with health, and attention to body weight is a prerequisite for health, while obesity and overweight are associated with the risk of chronic disease, and obesity itself is classified as a disease, Chronic obesity, osteoarthritis, certain types of cancer, gallbladder disease, respiratory problems, and high risk of complications during the course of the disease. Pregnancy and during pregnancy Milliyet surgical.

The easiest way to lose weight

The easiest way to lose weight is the obvious directness that drives us to the desired goal without distorting misleading ideas. With the spread of various diets and the promotion of many false ways to lose weight, it can safely be said that the easiest way to lose weight is that healthy way of assessing the nutritional status The treatment of obesity and overweight should depend on gradual change in lifestyle, and should combine an integrated, balanced, varied and moderate diet. Controls calories and gives enough of all the essential nutrients of the body.

In order for a person to feel that his loss of weight is easy, a large number of changes should not be initiated once and the goals are illogical, but a long-term gradual plan must be developed to make the changes and introduce them into daily life.

Determine the body’s healthy weight

Unfortunately, many people look at what the media has to offer about the very thin body image as the ideal body and dream that everyone hopes to reach. Especially women, and unfortunately this image affects the satisfaction of many people about their weight, even if they are within normal weight or even below normal.

This image also affects children and adolescents, and leads to many erroneous behaviors with regard to diet and body weight, such as diets that depend on extreme deprivation, hunger, and the abuse of dandruff and fat-burning pills, which adversely affect their health. Given the measures used to select models and beauty queens, which many people consider a measure of ideal weight, their weights have decreased over the years and have now reached much lower than normal weights (4) , Which also interferes with health, where the body when it is in the weight of less than normal is less resistant to diseases, especially those included in malnutrition, such as cancer, and women with the weights of the sub-normal prone to irregular menstrual cycle and inability The baby’s health can be adversely affected if the mother’s weight is less than normal at and during pregnancy, and the less normal weight is associated with osteoporosis and high fracture rate.

Therefore, self-acceptance must be accepted and not influenced by the ideal weight that the media conveys to us. It should also be known that the definition of ideal weight is not constant. It is variable over time and from society to society. It is usually determined by the criterion of the effect of weight on health, but on other criteria. Therefore, the ideal weight that is portrayed by the media and society should not be adopted as a goal or motivation for weight loss. We must always consider the health and the relationship of weight to it and how it affects it. We lose weight and make changes in style Our lives for him.

Weight assessment using BMI

Body weight is evaluated as associated with health rather than body mass index (BMI), which is calculated from the following equation:
BMI = weight (kg) / square length (m 2).
In this table weight is evaluated using the equation:

Category Body mass index (kg / m 2).
Weight below normal Less than 18.5
Normal weight 18.5-24.9
Increase in weight 25-29.9
First-class obesity 30-34.9
Second-class obesity 35-39.9
Third-class obesity (nurse obesity) 40 and more

Simple behaviors contribute to weight loss easily

There are a lot of tricks and behaviors that can be used by humans to reduce weight, taking care to be healthy and balanced and contain all vitamins and minerals, and should be reduced the number of calories consumed per day to become less than the calories burned by the body even You get weight loss, and these behaviors include:

  • Making health behaviors a goal of the person rather than focusing on body weight. The focus on weight is sometimes bored and frustrating. It may lead to abandonment of the right habits and behaviors. When a person makes a positive change in his eating habits and behaviors He feels a positive impact on his commitment to the changes he made even if he did not make a big difference in weight in a short period.
  • One of the most important ways to lose weight easily and make a person able to adhere to the quantities of food specified is not to leave himself feeling hungry before the main meals, where the feeling of extreme hunger can lose the ability to control the person when the time of the meal and eat quantities Of the food, which can feel remorse and guilt after, so eating snacks between the main meals contributes to the blocking of hunger and helps in the ability to eat certain amounts of food in the main meal.

In addition, the increase in the number of meals and small size contributes to the activation of metabolism and metabolism in the body for more times and therefore increases the body’s burning calories, but be careful that these snacks healthy meals such as: Eat a grain of fruit, or a cup of milk skimmed with Bananas, for example, should also be used to treat water between and during meals to help reduce hunger and reduce the amount of food eaten.

  • Chewing for a certain number of times at a minimum, for example, the person determines that each bite should be chewed 10 times or more, for example, as this will slow down the eating process and thus feel full of less food.
  • The use of small dishes instead of large dishes and small spoon or fork to eat instead of a large spoon, as this also contributes to slow the process of eating, and thus contribute to make the amount of food eaten by the person less before he felt full.
  • Increase physical activity by exercising regularly on a daily basis. Physical activity can also be increased by changing some habits and behaviors such as climbing the stairs rather than using the elevator, standing away from the place to go, walking back and back to the car, spending time in physical activity Such as playing football or dancing rather than playing electronic games.
  • Calculating the quantities of food consumed through the use of standard cups, and the electronic kitchen balance helps greatly in helping the person control the size of the rations taken, and thus control the calories consumed, for example the size of the share of rice and pasta can be measured in the cup and weighing the share of meat or chicken or fish balance.
  • Avoid stress and find alternative solutions to deal with it away from eating. Emotional eating is a problem that can lead to weight gain and need treatment in itself.
  • For example, a person may not eat fruit or vegetables throughout the day, and in turn eat a lot of rice or bread. It is true that eating at least the minimum of each food group contributes to making the diet healthier and reduces Of the opportunity to over-eat from one group to compensate for the sense of fullness that could be obtained by eating these groups, and it is much to be ignored fruits, vegetables and sometimes milk, so everyone must know the minimum to be taken from each group food by category Age and care To eat daily.
  • Replace white bread with whole wheat bread or wheat bran bread or other whole grains, as bread is the main food in our communities. White bread substitutes these healthy alternatives to increase the amount of dietary fiber absorbed, which slows digestion and absorption and leads to fuller satiety and longer, Thus reducing the amount of food eaten.
  • One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to monitor purchases. The health choices process starts from shopping. A list of home requirements must be made and adhered to. Choose a health alternative whenever possible. To prevent yourself and your family from gaining weight, you should avoid buying high-fat foods , Such as sweets, chocolates in bulk and French fries, and replace them with fruits, vegetables and whole grains and diversify them.
  • Be careful to cook food with the least amount of fat, where you can eat a cup of rice, including three portions of fat, for example, and can be taken with a share of fat, one, due to the amount of fat used during cooking, The person who cooks and prepares the food is careful not to add large amounts of oil, avoid using saturated fats such as margarine, and avoid adding as much broth as possible.
  • Be careful not to eat in a place other than the place allocated to him, as this helps the person to organize his food in general and prevents him from eating at any time and place.
  • Use herbal teas that contribute to weight loss in moderate amounts, such as green tea.

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